Does Your Menstrual Cup Smell Bad? Here’s What You Should Do…

menstrual cup smells bad

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Why Your Menstrual Cup Smells Bad?

Wearing too Long

empty menstrual cup regularly to avoid bad smell

Improper Cleaning

Knock-Off Menstrual Cup

do not use knock-off menstrual cup

Medical Issue

How to Prevent Your Menstrual cup from Smelling Bad

smelly menstrual cup

Use Reputable Menstrual Cup

Establish Cleaning Routine

menstrual cup soap and bottle

Empty Menstrual Cup Regularly

empty full menstrual cup

Practice Good Hygiene

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How to Get Rid of Menstrual cup odor

how to get rid of menstrual cup odor

Natural Solutions

Boil your Menstrual Cup

boiling smelly menstrual cup

Soak your Menstrual Cup in Lemon Water

Boil your Menstrual Cup

Boil your Menstrual Cup

menstrual cup in mason jar to remove stains

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