While looking for international cups, we stumbled onto the LaliCup and wanted to give it a try. We were excited to receive our first menstrual cup from Slovenia, how cool is that? I’m so excited about this LaliCup review.

Plus, we want to make sure we provide reviews for menstrual cups for menstruators everywhere, not just the US. Remember, together we can change the world, and help reduce pollution by switching to more sustainable eco-friendly menstrual products.

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We received the LaliCup for free in exchange for our honest review, but rest assure all of our opinions are our own. Your trust is important to us, so we pride ourselves on being thorough, informative, and completely honest with all of our reviews.

I know some people may be wary because this menstrual cup isn’t sold in the US at this time. If that’s the case, please feel free to check out our other menstrual cup reviews.

Honestly, I trust the safety standards in Europe a little more than here in the United States. I’m not saying that the FDA doesn’t care about our safety. I just think the agencies in Europe are a little more cautious.

Part of my opinion is based on the fact that over 1,300 food chemicals are banned in Europe, compared to the 11 that are banned in the United States. Again, this is my opinion based on the information I have read over the years while researching menstrual cups. So, if the menstrual cup is safe to sell and distribute in Europe, I feel safe using it. 


For this LaliCup review, I used the menstrual cup for two cycles instead of three. I had to reduce the number of cycles because I am WAY behind on menstrual cup reviews.

There is only so much I can do with one period per month, and I want to give each cup a thorough review and familiarize myself with each brand as much as possible, so I can give you guys everything you need to know about each cup I try.

To get caught up, I reduced the number of cycles to two per brand, and if there are multiple sizes, I try them different days throughout the same cycle.

Unboxing LaliCup Review

The Lalicup is made with medical grade silicone and is meant to last for years. When you unbox your LaliCup you will receive:

  • Menstrual cup
  • Menstrual bag (zipper)
  • Instructions

I always note the packaging when reviewing menstrual products because they should be eco-friendly and sustainable, which means no plastic. When I unboxed the LaliCups, there was no plastic, which always makes me happy.


The LaliCup comes in three different sizes for menstruators that need a menstrual cup that isn’t small or large. They offer a small, medium, and large, so you can alternate between the sizes depending on your flow.

For this review, I used the medium and large, the small isn’t a good fit for me after giving birth. (The things that go on down there during pregnancy, labor, postpartum is astounding).

LaliCup Model S

  • Total Cup Length – 2.81″ (71.5 mm)
  • Cup Diameter – 1.58″ (40.3 mm)
  • Cup Length – 1.81″ (46 mm)
  • Stem Length – 1.00″ (25.5mm)
  • Capacity to Rim – 27 ml
  • Cup Firmness – Medium
  • Rim Firmness – Medium

The LaliCup Small is one of my favorite small sizes because it has a high capacity. This small cup offers the same capacity as the medium or large menstrual cups from other brands. You get high capacity, with a small cup, how awesome is that?

This cup is perfect for menstruators with a medium to heavy flow and low or high cervix. I know you are thinking, how can this cup fit a low and slightly higher than average cervix? Since the stem is so long, at 25.5 mm, it makes it easier to reach than other cups. Disclaimer, if you have a very high cervix with a long vaginal canal, the small may not be for you. This is for a high cervix that you can at least reach because you need to break the seal before removing the cup.

Unlike other brands, you won’t have to empty this cup as often you can wear it for 4 or 5 hours at a time. Lalicup recommends this menstrual cup for teens, virgins, low cervix, and athletes. Based on their website, the small is better for strong pelvic muscles.

LaliCup Model M

  • Total Cup Length – 2.87″ (73 mm)
  • Cup Diameter – 1.73″ (44 mm)
  • Cup Length – 2.00″ (51 mm)
  • Stem Length – 0.87″ (22 mm)
  • Capacity to Rim – 36.5 ml
  • Cup Firmness – Soft
  • Rim Firmness – Medium

I like to think the LaliCup Medium is equivalent to a large with other brands. This is the size that I use on my lighter days since I do not have the small. If I did have the smaller size, I’d probably use the medium on my heavy days unless I have a lot of clots, and use the small on my lighter days.

The medium is the most versatile size. Since it is the same length as the large, you can use this cup if you have a high cervix, and medium to light flow. Other brands either have a menstrual cup designed specifically for a high cervix or you need a large. Not everyone with a high cervix needs a large cup, so this is the perfect compromise. You get the length without the additional width, along with a nice capacity. It’s a win/win for those with a long and narrow vaginal canal.

LaliCup Model L

  • Total Cup Length – 2.87″ (73 mm)
  • Cup Diameter – 1.81″ (46 mm)
  • Cup Length – 2.12″ (54 mm)
  • Stem Length – 0.75″ (19 mm)
  • Capacity to Rim – 41 ml
  • Cup Firmness – Soft
  • Rim Firmness – Medium

The LaliCup Large surprised me just as much as the small. Any cup that offers a capacity of more than 35 ml is a winner for me. You may be wondering why I keep harping on capacity, but I hear stories from menstruators who suffer from heavy periods and want some relief. 

If you suffer from brutal periods and a heavy flow with some clotting, this may be the perfect cup for you. Also, if you have given birth, which weakens your pelvic muscles, you may need a large. Keep in mind, the position of your cervix along with your flow and a few other factors will ultimately determine the menstrual cup size you need.

For this Lalicup review, I used the medium and large size. I used the large on my heaviest day, and it was AWESOME. It was so comfortable, that I wore it for 12 hours, and forgot it was there.


LaliCup Review Comparison Medium, Large

LaliCup: Pros

  • Size Options – I love the different sizes they have available. The capacity in relation to the size is great. Their small cup blows my mind, you get 27 ml with a 46 mm cup (without the stem).
  • The Scale on Outside – Scales on the inside of menstrual cups make it more difficult to clean. Since the scale is on the outside, cleaning the inside of the cup is quick and easy.
  • Color Options – Since I have so many menstrual cups, I like having different colors. Clear cups tends to show staining quicker than colored options.
  • Firmness – I am a fan of soft cups because I have weak pelvic muscles, thanks to giving birth. This works for me so I love the softness, but it might not be for everyone.
  • Grips – I love, love, love the grips that are on this cup. It makes removal almost too easy.

LaliCup: Cons

  • Suction Holes Hard to Clean – The suction holes seem a little small than other cups, which make it difficult to clean. I use a toothbrush to clean out the suction holes between cycles.
  • Firmness – I love the firmness, but it may be a con for menstruators with strong pelvic muscles. Softer cups are a little more difficult to get open. You may need to twist it slightly after insertion.
  • Availability – This has nothing to do with the caup itself. I look forward to this cup being FDA registered and sold on Amazon in the US.
  • Menstrual Bag – I’m not a fan of the pouch that comes with this menstrual cup. I prefer drawstring bags, I think they are more compact, discrete and convenient. Again, that’s just my personal preference. I don’t like dealing with zippers if they aren’t necessary. Also, the menstrual cag material isn’t the best, but I’m sure it’ll last you for a while.

Who should use the LaliCup?

LaliCup Review Black Large Red Medium

Funny Story with LaliCup

So, my funny story for LaliCup isn’t about my losing my menstrual cup or having an embarrassing leak in Wal-Mart, its about kids and menstrual cups.

For those who do not know, we have a 21-month-old toddler that is a busy body. He is a curious little guy, like all toddlers, and gets into everything. After using the LaliCup medium for the first day of my cycle, I washed it and set it on the sink. The plan was to use it again on my last day of my cycle when my flow is light.

On the last day of my cycle, I went into our bathroom to grab the cup, and it was gone. Since pregnancy, my memory has gone downhill, but I knew I put it on the bathroom sink, so I’m looking for the cup around the house. Guess what I find?

Our son took my menstrual cup and used it as one of his blocks. We had to have a “fight” for me to get the menstrual cup back. For those with a toddler, you know what I mean.


Black LaliCup Review Large with Red Bag

Cycle #1

My first cycle with LaliCup was easier than I thought. The LaliCup is one of the softest cups I’ve used. If you are familiar with menstrual cups, firmness matters. The firmness is basically how squishy a menstrual cup is. Depending on how strong your pelvic muscles are, determines how firm of a menstrual cup you need. The softer the menstrual cup, usually the harder it is for the cup to pop open. On the flip side if a menstrual cup is more firm, it tens to open easier once you insert it into your vagina.

With all of that being said, it was easy for me to insert the LaliCup, and to get it to pop open, I slightly twist and squat. After a nice squat, I felt the cup pop open and suction into place.

Once it opened, I didn’t have any problems or leaks. On the first and second day, I was able to wear the medium cup for 10 hours before needing to empty it. I switched to the large cup on my third day because that is usually my heaviest day, and I was able to wear it for 12.5 hours without needing to empty it.

The additional 30 minutes was because I forget I was on my period, I put in the cup that morning and didn’t think about it the rest of the day, since I didn’t feel anything. Honestly, the only reason I remembered it needed to dumped was a hard sneeze. After the sneeze, I had a weird sensation and then remembered I was wearing a menstrual cup.

Cycle #2

Coincidently, I am wearing the Lalicup medium as I write this review. I am on the last day of my second cycle, and there have been no problems. If I did have the smaller size, I’d probably use the medium on my heavy days unless I have a lot of clots, and use the small on my lighter days. This cup just moved to my top five favorite menstrual cups, for me.

Are you ready to try the LaliCup?

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