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FemmyCycle Cup with Pouch

I must admit the unique shape and design of the FemmyCycle can be intimidating. I was intimidated when I first saw the design, I almost did not purchase the cup. The first thought that went through my mind was how am I going to get that in? It looks huge on the screen and doesn’t seem realistic as a menstrual cup. Instead of having a stem, like other cups, it has a ring. Honestly, I am surprised by my experience with this menstrual cup. Here is my honest FemmyCycle review.

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Femmycycle Review

FemmyCycle Review Cup, Box, and Pouch

The FemmyCycle is made of 100% soft medical-grade silicone. The unique design makes it “spill-proof”, making your transition to menstrual cups more seamless. First-time users will be thrilled with how easy it is to get used to using. You may just fall in love with your period instead of dreading it. This menstrual cup is designed to last up to two years with proper cleaning and storage.

Unboxing FemmyCycle Cup

When you receive your FemmyCycle you will notice the packaging has a lot of information. There are instructions, notes, and pictures. The box indicates the menstrual cup is FDA registered and approved for sale in the US, EU, and Canada. Everything you need to know about your new menstrual cup is on the outside of the box.

When you unbox your FemmyCycle Cup you will find:

  • Instructions (very detailed with pictures)
  • Storage Pouch
  • Menstrual Cup

The instructions included with the FemmyCycle are very detailed. They have pictures for insertion and removal as well as answers to frequently asked questions. Something I notice when unboxing new products is the use of unnecessary plastic. There was no unnecessary plastic included with this cup, giving it a plus in my book. The pouch included with the FemmyCycle is similar to reusable grocery bag material, which is different from other brands. I like the breathable material, so your menstrual cup can get air while it is stored.

Femmycycle Review STATS| SIZES AND MODEL

FemmyCycle Regular open

The first and most important step when looking for a menstrual cup is finding the right size. If you are familiar with menstrual cups you may know the size depends on your age, the position of your cervix, physical activity, flow, activity, and if you have given birth. All these factors are important to determine the best menstrual cup for you.

The FemmyCycle has three sizes petite, low cervix, and regular available with only one color, clear. It would be nice if it came in different colors, but it is not a deal-breaker for me. I like colored menstrual cups because it reduces the visibility of stains, but I can live with this. I purchased the regular size because I have an average cervix and have given birth.

FemmyCycle Petite (Teen)

femmycycle teen menstrual cup

The FemmyCycle Petite (Teen) is the smallest cup size available. This cup is designed for teens or petite women with a light menstrual cycle. This size is ideal for first-time cup users who do not want the hassle of trying to get the cup to open after insertion. It is more narrow making it more comfortable for narrow vaginal canals. This cup can hold up to heavier periods with clots.

  • Total Cup Length – 2.24″ (57 mm)
  • Cup Diameter – 1.22″ (31 mm)
  • Cup Length – 1.49″ (38 mm)
  • Ring Length – 0.75″ (19 mm)
  • Capacity to Rim – 17.5 ml
  • Cup Firmness – Soft

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FemmyCycle Low Cervix

femmycycle review low cervix

The FemmyCycle Low Cervix is self-explanatory, it is designed for women with a low cervix or short vaginal canal. A low cervix is defined as being within 2 inches of the vaginal open. If you are using the knuckle method to measure your cervix, that would be up to your second knuckle. Surprisingly, this menstrual cup has the same capacity of the regular size with a smaller design. The shorter design and smaller removal ring make it more comfortable for prolonged use.

Note: If you have a very low cervix (less than 2 inches from vagina opening) or any degree of prolapse DO NOT use this menstrual cup.

  • Total Cup Length – 1.96″ (50 mm)
  • Cup Diameter – 1.41″ (36 mm)
  • Cup Length – 1.69″ (43 mm)
  • Ring Length – 0.275″ (7 mm)
  • Capacity to Rim – 30 ml
  • Cup Firmness – Soft

FemmyCycle Regular

The FemmyCycle Regular is the best menstrual cup if you have given birth (vaginally), have an average to high cervix, heavy menstrual flow, or over 30. This is the size that I used for this review. It is not as large as it looks on the screen and is easy to insert and remove.

  • Total Cup Length – 2.48″ (63 mm)
  • Cup Diameter – 1.41″ (36 mm)
  • Cup Length – 1.69″ (43 mm)
  • Ring Length – 0.78″ (20 mm)
  • Capacity to Rim – 30 ml
  • Cup Firmness – Soft


FemmyCycle Instructions, Cup, and Pouch

To give a proper review of the FemmyCycle Regular it is important to highlight the pros and cons. Please remember, this review is based on my personal experience.

FemmyCycle Review: Pros

  • Detailed Instructions – The instructions included with the menstrual cup are very detailed and provide all of the answers you need.
  • Firmness (Easy to Fold) -This menstrual cup is easy to fold and insert with ease. It is a lot softer than most menstrual cups on the market.
  • Removal Ring – The removal rings makes it easier to locate and remove the menstrual cup. It’s almost as if the ring is not there because it is so soft and squishy. I didn’t feel it at all, to me, the ring is better than the stems on other menstrual cups.
  • Replacement Policy – Unfortunately this company does not accept returns as menstrual cups are considered a medical product. If you purchased the wrong size and need something different the company will send a replacement product. Be sure to contact them within 60 days of your purchase to take advantage of this policy.
  • Comfortable – I didn’t feel the menstrual cup after it was inserted. This is coming from the mom of a very busy/active toddler that constantly runs after him. I even jump roped with the menstrual cup and it stayed in place and did not leak.
  • Cleaning – Since this menstrual cup does not have air holes it was easier to clean than other cups. You just need to pour out the contents and rinse/swish it with water.
  • Price – This menstrual cup is affordable, at less than $30, compared to other menstrual cups that are sometimes priced as high as $50.

FemmyCycle Review: Cons

  • Longevity – According to the manufacturer this cup should be replaced every two years. It is not as long as other brands, which can last up to 10 years.
  • Intimidating Shape – I will be the first to admit, I almost did not purchase this menstrual cup because of the shape. I believe the company should advertise how easy it is to fold and insert.
  • Learning Curve – There is a learning curve when using this menstrual cup since the design is different. It will take time for you to get used to positioning it perfectly to prevent leaks.

Who should use the FemmyCycle?

The FemmyCycle can be used by anyone from teens to experienced menstrual cup users. The different sizes available can fit the different cervix positions and menstrual flow. If you are considering trying this menstrual cup the starter pack is good value for the money.

I went through the reviews on Amazon, Facebook, and FemmyCycle to compile the most common problems with the FemmyCycle. Here are the most common problems and how to fix them. If you are still having issues after troubleshooting, you may need to try a different menstrual cup.

FemmyCycle Problems/LEaks

  • Menstrual Cup Slipping – If your menstrual cup is slipping you may not have it inserted high enough in your vaginal canal. Remove the menstrual cup and re-insert it higher in your vaginal canal.
  • Painful to Remove Menstrual Cup – If you are experiencing a lot of pain while removing your menstrual cup you may not be breaking the seal. Slowly pull the removal ring to release the suction. If you pull it too quickly you may not be completely releasing the seal.
  • Suctioning to Cervix – A lot of reviews report the suctioning was painful after inserting the menstrual cup. If this is the case you are likely inserting the menstrual cup too far inside your vaginal canal. Remove the menstrual cup and re-insert it lower in your vaginal canal, low enough to be comfortable, and still get the job done.
  • Customer Service Complaints – There have been complaints bout customer service not being helpful. This is why we recommend going through Amazon if you have an issue and need to return a cup. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do if you run into a “not so helpful” customer service representative.


Closed FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the FemmyCycle and how comfortable it is. It was easier to insert than I thought it would be, given the size. At first glance, I thought there is no way I can fit that inside of me. After folding it into the “tulip or punch-down” shape, I was able to insert it with no problem. I tried the C-fold and for me, it was difficult to get it inserted and opened properly with that fold. Unlike other cups, the suction (pop) was not strong it was subtle. It was so easy I took it out a few times to make sure I inserted it correctly. I wore it through the night without worries and did not wake up to a murder scene. I did experience leaks on the second day after a flawless first day and night.

The removal ring is great for locating the cup inside of your vaginal canal. To date, this has been the easiest cup to remove. This will put the worriers at ease, who may believe they can lose their cup. To remove this menstrual cup, slowly and gently pull on the removal ring to release the suction. As you pull, hold it steady and slowly turn the cup to remove it upright. The inverted rim (spill-proof design) makes it easier to void the mess of spilling menstrual blood everywhere.

Embarrassing Moment with FemmyCycle

Here is my embarrassing story, on the second day, using the menstrual cup. We needed to grab a few things from Walmart, so I took a shower and pop in the FemmyCycle. I was very confident given how successful the first day was. As we are walking through the store and getting our items I notice something doesn’t feel right. I rush to the bathroom and the bottom of the menstrual cup is hanging just inside of my vagina and there is blood everywhere.

I didn’t realize when I inserted the menstrual cup before leaving for the store I did not push it far enough inside my vaginal canal. My underwear, hands, and shorts looked like a murder scene. Luckily, it did not go completely through my shorts and I was spared the public embarrassment of having a bloody butt. If you have ever experienced it before you know how embarrassing it can be. I wiped the cup with toilet paper and re-inserted it properly and thoroughly washed my hands. After this embarrassing moment, I did not experience any leaks. This story is based on user error and not anything to do with the menstrual cup itself.

Pro Tip: If you are experiencing leaks you may not have it pushed up far enough. Take out the menstrual cup and re-insert it further up the vaginal canal.


Overall, I think the FemmyCycle is a great cup for beginners or experienced cup users. There isn’t as much as a learning curve with this cup, compared to others such as the Diva Cup or Dutchess Cup. If you are considering the FemmyCycle, stop thinking, and take the chance.

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