Best Menstrual Cup Cleaner & Wipes

best menstrual cup cleaner

I see a lot of questions on Facebook groups about the best soap to use when cleaning their menstrual cup. Honestly, the best thing to use is a menstrual cup cleaner specifically designed for cleaning menstrual cups. I know there are a lot of people that use soap to clean their menstrual cup, but I do not want to second guess if the soap may give me a reaction or leave residue.

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If you decide to use soap instead of menstrual cup cleaner be sure to do your research. You do not want to throw off your pH balance by using the wrong soap on your menstrual cup. Also, some soaps may be harmful to the silicone material and degrade it over time.

If you are looking for the best menstrual cup cleaner here is a list of our favorite products. Remember to look at the ingredients to see if there is anything that you could potentially be allergic to. Just be advised, we tried to look for recyclable/biodegradable products but we are at the mercy of what is available on the market.

If you want a better explanation of ingredients, please do your research. I am not a doctor, chemist, or skin care expert. All opinions are my own based on extensive research or personal experience. Remember, cleaning and sterilizing your menstrual cup is essential in order to get it to last for years to come.

Everyone knows Diva Cup, they are the most popular menstrual cup brand on the market. This is our favorite menstrual cup cleaner.It smells like oranges (oil extract) so while you are cleaning your menstrual cup you get a pleasant smell.

DivaWash is pH balanced, fragrance-free, and is perfect for sensitive skin. All of the ingredients are plant based, which means you can use it as a face cleaner as well as menstrual cup cleaner. The concentrated formula helps to reduce your eco-footprint. The packaging says to discard eight months after opening.

  • Specifically formulated to clean your Saalt Menstrual Cup or other silicone menstrual cups.
  • Manufactured using premium ingredients that meet the Whole Foods Body Care Quality Standards so you know its best in class!
  • Premium, healthy and safe formula. It wont damage your silicone cup and its great for your skin too!
  • The lightly foaming formula has no strong chemicals and washes off very easily taking dirt and bacteria with it, leaving you and your cup clean and residue free.
  • Scented lightly with orange citrus essential oils. Fresh scent, fresh cup. No harsh chemicals, no irritants, no parabens, just happiness!

Saalt Menstrual Cup Wash is designed specifically for the Saalt cup, but it can be used on any silicone menstrual cup.





best menstrual cup wipes

Menstrual cup wipes are perfect for when you are on the go. If you need to empty your menstrual cup in a public restroom you can use toilet paper to wipe your cup, but if you do not want paper residue inside your cup menstrual cup wipes are the best alternative. They are easy to put in your purse or pocket, just in case.

A few of the wipes on this list are feminine wipes, not designed specially for menstrual cups but they will work just as well. The feminine wipes on this list are not scented and do not have added chemicals that could irritate your sensitive areas.

Do I Have to Use Menstrual Cup Cleaner/Wipes?

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