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Our site is dedicated to helping women understand the impact our menstrual hygiene products have on the planet. We are stronger and more powerful together. Let's band together to make a change that can impact the world.

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Switching to more eco-friendly menstrual products can help the fight against global climate change. This change can not only help the environment but can help you too.  Our blog has joined the fight against period poverty because every menstruator deserves to have access to period products. We use 20% of our profit to provide menstruators from local communities with sustainable, eco-friendly menstrual products.

How to Make the Switch

Here is the guide on how to make the switch from disposable to eco-friendly menstrual products.

10 Reasons Why You Should Make the Switch

Switching not only benefits the environment but can help you manage menstrual symptoms.

Enviornmental Impact

How do menstrual cycles impact the environment? How do we contribute?

Best Products

Want to know the best products for beginners' making the switch? Look no further.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Menstrual Cup

The pros and cons of using menstrual cups instead of tampons and pads.

The Cost of your Period

How much does your period really cost? You'd be surprised to know.

Numbers Speak

We are encouraged to be ashamed and silent about our menstrual cycles, no more.

We will no longer stand silent while the feminine hygiene industry profits without any regard for our health.

The feminine hygiene product market is expected to reach 47 billion dollars by 2022.

Companies make money with products made from chemicals that can harm our body, and with plastic that is killing the plant.

You'd be surprised how much our "monthly friend" impacts the environment.

Have you ever wondered how this impacts our planet?

Here are the numbers. 

15 million tons

Gas emissions

The manufacturing of disposable menstrual hygiene products generates a total carbon footprint of about 15 million tons of greenhouse emissions annually.


45 billion

Total Waste

More than 45 billion tampons or sanitary pads are used every year across the world. According to National Geographic, much of this waste is flushed down toilets and ends up in the ocean.


Lifetime Cost

The average amount of money women will spend in a lifetime on feminine hygiene products.


Lifetime Waste

The average woman will use over 12,000 tampons or sanitary pads in their lifetime.

500 years

Mother Earth

One sanitary pad could take 500 to 800 years to decompose because the plastic used is non-biodegradable. 

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Join other women making a difference by making their flows more eco-friendly. As women, we can help change the world. Together we can do our part to save Mother Earth. 
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